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All the below mentioned 9 e-books will be provided as a set in a CD.


1. Eye Wonder for children

 This e-book contains 5 volumes covering space, space exploration, weather, desert and oceans with vast attractive pictures to attract children to learn. This e-book contains 314 pages.

2. Ethical, Moral and Intellectual Value based Stories for Children and Kids

Moral values stories, Panchatantra,Jataka,Tenali raman, Birbal,fable stories,etc containing about700 stories in about 1000 pages

Encyclopedia of Human Body for Children

This encyclopedia is prepared for the children to understand the basic fundamental perspectives of human body: its structure, physiology, contents and how it works in 124 printable pages.

4. Encyclopedia of Nature

This fun-packed nature encyclopedia introduces children to every aspect of the natural world. Incredible pictures reveal how all kinds of animals and plants live together.

5.Encyclopedia of Sciences (10 Volumes)

This encyclopedia covers the following science subjects: Human Life, Animal Life, Plant Life, Earth Science, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy and Space, Mathematics, Technology and Research; and contains 615 pages.

6. Visual Encyclopedia on One Millions things

 Inside is a stunning, comprehensive visual encyclopedia featuring gorgeous photography that not only illustrates, but educates.

7.  Pictorial English Dictionary

 This is a dictionary with pictorial explanatory notes for each term contained in this dictionary. This e-book consists of 414 printable.

8. First Children’s Encyclopedia

In these pages you can find a country and discover its major features, look at culture and history, and observe wildlife and ecosystems. and contains all these in 306 printable pages.

9. Inventions and Inventors